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Pilot Site: Sao Tiago Island

Sao Tiago island is Cabo Verde’s main island. The island concentrates most of human activities and half of the nation’s population. An expedition led along the shores, between Gamboa beach and Ilheu Santa Maria, permitted to identify an extensive and healthy seagrass meadow of Halodule wrightii ascherson.

This meadow is located at a very interesting biogeographic transition, where Mediterranean, temperate and tropical seagrass species could potentially meet.In addition, the extent of sediment accumulation and accretion throughout the meadowindicates that the seagrass has been present and undisturbed for a long period of time. As such, this meadow has a high potential for carbon sequestration and is home to an importance marine fauna such as sea turtles.

However, the ecosystem is endangered by coastal development and high levels of pollution. Indeed, the seagrass meadows were found near a newly constructed bridge and an outflow pipe that would discharge directly into the beds.

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