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Call for Expression of Interest Regional Coordinator – ResilienSEA

The ResilienSEA Project is funded by the MAVA Foundation and it aims to improve knowledge and experience and build capacity on Seagrass management. The pilot countries selected for this project are Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, and Cape Verde. 

GRID-Arendal is a small, flexible Norwegian non-profit foundation with highly qualified staff that specializes in complex environmental issues. Its mission is to support environmentally sustainable development through the environmental work of the UN and other partners by communicating information that strengthens environmental management capacity and motivates decision-makers to act. 

GRID-Arendal acts as the coordinating body of the ResilienSEA Project. Other implementing partners in the project include Wetlands International Africa and the Abidjan Convention Secretariat. The Regional Coordinator position for the ResilienSEA project will be administered by GRID-Arendal. 

ResilienSEA brings together managers and researchers to gather data and create national and regional expertise within pilot countries, resulting in the ability to enact positive change for these seagrass habitats through: 

  • Evaluating the regional data currently available, and using it to create regional and national seagrass distribution maps; 
  • Evaluating and communicating the benefits and services provided by seagrass habitats, both to local communities as well as decision-makers at a national and transnational level; 
  • Providing training to help develop capacity for national researchers and managers on a wide variety of topics including specific issues such as seagrass health index, vulnerability and threat analysis among others. 

The Regional Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the coordination of the National Implementing Teams (NITs – seven in total, one in each country). The NITs are responsible for implementing the ResilienSEA Project work plan within their country. These work plans include specific tasks related to each of the four Strategies within the project (i) science, (ii) capacity development, (iii) communication and (iv) policy. In conjunction with the Strategy Leads, the Regional Coordinator will be responsible for helping each country meeting their agreed upon deliverables, within the timeframe defined within these work plans. More generally, this position will also assist as needed with coordinating of ResilienSEA’s internal procedures; developing communications products, and providing support for meetings and events. 

Main activities 

In cooperation with the Project Coordination Team, the Regional Coordinator will: 

  • Lead the engagement with National Teams (NITs) by: 
  1. supporting NITs in the achievement of their deliverables 
  2. linking NITs with specific Project Strategy Leads when necessary 
  • Maintain routine contacts with regional partners and other relevant bodies in the Project area 
  • Prepare various written Project outputs, background papers, analyses, reports and studies, and inputs to publications and technical documents as needed, 
  • Represent the Project at relevant national, regional and international events 

Preferred professional qualifications 

  • A minimum of 7 years of relevant professional experience in marine sciences with a Master’s, or 3 years with a PhD 
  • High level of flexibility and adaptability to take up different tasks and responsibilities while working independently 
  • A strong network and contacts within the Project Region 
  • Excellent writing and communication skills 
  • Fluent in French and English, skills in Portuguese are also highly desirable 
  • Organise workshops, meetings, capacity building and stakeholder engagement sessions; 
  • Experience with MAVA-funded projects would be ideal 

Preferred personal qualifications 

  • Excellent team player and ability to work independently 
  • High motivation and energy 
  • Ability to pursue multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment and consistently meet deadlines 
  • Excellent networking capabilities and diplomatic skills 
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to work in an international and culturally diverse environment 


As soon as possible until 31 January 2021, with a possibility of 2 years extension depending on funding. 

Estimate of work 

The position is full time (100%). Travel to the project region will be required. 

Type: Independent Consultancy Contract 

Location: The assignment will be based at the offices of Wetlands International in Dakar, Senegal. 

Requirements for submitting an Expression of Interest 

Interested candidates should include the following in their application: 

  • Application should include a cover letter (1-page max) and curriculum vitae (including contact details of at least 2 referees for which similar work has been undertaken) 
  • Your monthly rate (in Euros) which would be valid for any assignment entered into within the above mentioned the contractual period. 

Consultants will be selected based on demonstrated expertise and cost. 

Deadline for applications: 25 January 2020 – 4pm CET 

Please send your application by email to: and mark in the subject “Regional Coordinator – ResilienSEA”. 

For more information about the position, please contact Head of Human Resources Kari Scheie tel (+47) 9264 4420. 

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