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The capacity building will begin through a stakeholder needs assessment evaluation and then continue throughout the reminder of the project by providing targeted training programs. The results of this Strategy contribute most clearly to the overall Outcome of the project, to achieve by 2022 an effective conservation of seagrass beds at the regional level, by ensuring that there is strong national and regional expertise and political will in the region to continue with the monitoring required to continue improve the conservation of seagrasses.


ResilienSEA is currently identifying the national institutions that will implement the activities. More information will come soon.



Partner 1
Partner 2
Partner 3


The expertise of the various national / regional stakeholders in the field of seagrasses is available and operational (human resources, funds, technology, etc.)
Stakeholders are involved in improving knowledge and implementing sustainable ecological monitoring on seagrass beds
Additional funding is mobilized


2018- 2020
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