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Pilot Site: Tristao Islands

Located along the border with Guinea-Bissau, the Tristao Islands Complex was formed by the delta of the Kogon river in Norther Guinea. The site is characterized by expanses of sandbanks, mud, rocks, estuaries and mangrove forests which are home to a multitude of species, including sea turtles, lamantin, crocodiles, sharks and many fishes. Moreover, the site holds a cultural importance for the local communities of Nalous and Balant. In addition to their reliance on fisheries and agriculture, these communities consider some parts as being sacred.   

Therefore, the Tristao Islands Complex has been registered on the list of wetlands of international relevance of the Ramsar Convention in 1992. Likewise, since 2008, the site is a Community Marine Protected Area (CMPA) which seeks to preserve and improve the biological, social and cultural diversity of the site. 

Map of the Pilot Site

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